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The Kwik KLAMP is an innovative solution to safely and effectively brace sensitive equipment. The Kwik KLAMP and its components are high quality, cost effective products that reduce non-structural hazards inquick clamp02 controlled environments.

Installation of the Kwik KLAMP and components can minimize risk and exposure to data equipment during an earthquake or natural disaster. The design of the Kwik KLAMP allows for easy installation and minimal contact with sensitive equipment. The system is easily removed and can be reused. The Kwik KLAMP and components are engineered and designed to exceed Uniform Building Code (UBC) Zone 4 requirements, suitable for use in the areas of highest risk and magnitude for earthquakes in the U.S.

Kwik KLAMP is designed for easy installation and minimal contact with sensitive equipment.  It is easy to remove and reuse with equipment upgrades. Kwik KLAMP was designed and engineered to exceed zone 4 standards. It is a workable solution for seismic bracing needs.

Kwik KLAMP is a product of Integrated Construction Services

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