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Phone: 503-805-7855


E-Mail: phil@odpower.com

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Solutions for your power protection requirements

Our experienced staff offers over 37 years of sales and service solutions in the power protection and installation industry. We can provide a survey of your site, and make qualified recommendations for power quality solutions.

We are a total Turn-key Integrator

Our qualified staff of technicians and electrical contractors can provide and design a system to cover your total power protection needs. We specify the needed equipment, and KVA sizing, and provide the total electrical package, to include drawings, wiring, equipment placement, installation, and factory-certified start up services.

Take Advantage of the Power of Choice - New or Pre-owned

ODP provides new or refurbished power protection solutions to satisfy your budget requirements. The pre-owned choice allows you to save 50-70 % off name brand products without sacrificing technology.

Buy/Lease/Rent your Power Solutions

 Whether your situation requires short-term, long term, or on going support, ODP provides the financial choices to make it happen.

Trade-In Program

 We will take your current UPS and related power equipment on trade for any replacement equipment purchased. Please inquire about this program that can reduce your capital outlay and manage your service costs.


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