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Power Generators and Enclosures

More and more we realize the importance that electric power has on our lives.  Without this power our lives can be greatly disrupted and changed.

A common electric power failure could keep your business withou80-01t electric power for hours and possibly days. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, ice storms, floods, earthquakes and overloaded electric utility grid systems are increasing as the cause for loss of utility electric power.  Our already overburdened electric utility companies are continually being asked to supply increased power demands. New homes, new factories, and new electrical equipment are being constructed around the world at record pace but new electric producing utility companies are not.

Oregon Data Products, Inc. can provide you a wide line of backup generators from small portable units to large mega watt systems - power requirements from 5kW to 1500KW. We offer major brand manufacturers in new and pre-owned refurbished units.



 Standby emergency diesel or natural gas power generators in high population areas require high-performance or super sound attenuated noise reduction enclosures. Noise emission guidelines (Commercial Noise Control) are monitored by municipal regulators. We are able to provide qualified technicians onsite to measure and analyze decibel levels of any diesel or natural gas generator and upgrade your enclosure to ensure decibel levels are within by-laws and fully compliant.

Sound attenuated enclosures ensure the lowest possible noise levels for industrialsound enclosure with 430 gal  tank03, commercial or marine applications. Our staff offers more than 10 years of consulting experience on diverse noise issues; our team has a wide range of experience to provide effective methods to address your unique sound reduction requirements.

We offer a full range of enclosures:

Weather protective

Fully sound attenuated

Paint finishes to suit all requirements

Enclosures offered loose or we will fit as required

Stationary and mobile applications

Enclosures for all types of equipment not just generator sets

 Consider Oregon Data Products for your next project, large or small. We are available to assist you with your sound attenuated requirements. 

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